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Rank to Rank provides quality service to customers and users in every sense. We are always open to improvements and innovations. We have also defined our advertising policy with this vision. Our advertising policies are tailored specifically to those seeking innovation and diversity. Our policies for your ads and promotions are:

Ad images may be prepared to introduce a service or product. Likewise, a text promoting the product or service may be published. The most important text ads of online advertising are. For this you only need a remarkable title, short text and URL address. We can give your ad as a text ad through Rank to Rank.

Another ad model is Banner ads. The only fragment from text ads is supported by visuals. Banner ads are suitable for you if you want to participate in other web sites and promote.

The referral pages of the product you are advertising are important. That means you need the target landing pages where you will direct the ad. Create your landing page with the ad actionable keywords.

You can also advertise through the Rank to Rank blog pages. We will post a blog post about you and your product and direct you directly to your site.

Who can advertise?

Not every potential advertiser will accept our ad program. The reason for this is that we show our advertisers to make sure that our connection to them is good for our community. Your website should be related to internet / webmaster . According to our advertising policies, not everyone can advertise. We accept ads related to us because of our vision. So your ad should be relevant to internet and webmaster .

Our advertising policies will not always be the same. You can always follow our changing advertising policy here.

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