The television has become the need of the people now a day because in a spare time people prefer to watch the television. However, if we glance in the past of the television it used to be a black and white television. At the starting stage of television, there were not many channels for showing the shows as we can see now days. There was probably two or three, government channels that used to show to program timely. If you miss that program then you cannot see it again. However, after the periods the television become develops further and come in color screen. In the starting of the color screen television, it becomes very famous. After the further development, the televisions become with the remote control that was the unique option with the television to change the channels by sitting at a place.

When the television develops with the new technology then the private channels started to open in every country of the world. In the result now, we can see thousand of channels available in the world. Some philosopher says the television is another idiot box. After the some periods television maker companies start working on the look of the television now you can purchase the slim flatron LED or LCD television with very big size.

Now the technology has further improved and presented the dual function of television. The user of the television can use the internet in the television. Recently in United Kingdom, their local company has presented the television, which consists on the internet function. Now you can use the internet on television by touch screen facility.  In this television set, two devices need to connect for accessing the internet connection easily in the LCD. This television set is available in 26 inch and 32 inch. You can also connect the USB in the jack, which this LCD contains.  This is unique technology in the world yet none another company has introduced such type of the technology in the world. You can use the internet with its touch screen option. This is wonder full technology will make the life further easy.