In Kenya millions of students leave secondary schools every year. This is a very big number compared to the number of public and private universities in Kenya. Many of these students are not likely to get admission to any public or private universities. This is because these universities will set very high qualifications for admission that many students will not have attained and the few who will have attained may not afford the high fees charged by these universities.

Many students dream are completely destroyed at this stage because many cannot continue with their education. This is very discouraging especially to a bright student who has been locked out of the university because of lack of fees or accommodation.

Through the internet this problem can be solved using E-learning. E-learning is a mode of learning where a student does not have to be in class physically but can learn from home via the internet, in Kenya it is commonly known as distance learning. Some of the advantages of distance learning or E-learning include:

Many people are given an opportunity to learn

Universities accommodate just a fraction of people who have a desire to further their education because of the limited space of lecture halls and accommodation facilities. With E-learning people are able to learn from their homes via the internet. This mode of learning is not limited to space hence accommodates very many people at once.

It is cost effective

Many people who cannot afford to pay for the university fee can take on E-learning because it is cheaper. Also it is possible to find a job to do and learn part time, the proceeds from the job can help you cater for the learning comfortably. Accommodation fees are also eliminated because one can learn from home.

A person can enroll any time

E-learning unlike universities, students can enroll at any time. This gives students and parents time to prepare and enroll when they are ready for the undertaking. In universities there are strict time lines to join and if you fail that chance is given to someone else.