Facebook offers you an opportunity to share various features online with friends irrespective of their geographical locations. This being a social media it majorly features on social activities which include listening to music among others. This requires subscription to a music player application which allows you to view the music your friends are listening to. By clicking on the musical tab you are given to option to listen to the same music at the same time.

Setting up the Listen With Friends feature

To enable sharing of music with friends on Facebook, music apps must be activated. This is done by allowing the apps to share your music activity on your timeline. After this is done, it is possible to also choose the list of friends who can view your activities on the timeline. This is done by changing the app settings, choosing the app and finally using the audience selector, picking the right people who you wish to be your audience.

Listening to music with your friends

When you have made the right setting for your app, you will then be able to see what your friends are listening to. This is displayed on the chat sidebar next to the name of your friend. Hover the pointer over the name of the friend and the name of the music they are listening to will be displayed. Clicking on the “Listening with (friend’s name)” tab will automatically connect you to the music your friend is listening to.

Apps to use when listening to music

Listening to music with friends requires that you subscribe to a music player application. The common applications include Spotify and Rdio. This can be done after you connect to the tab to listen with a friend. To ease the process Facebook has launched a new model for the same. This new app is equipped with essential security measures to ensure that your account remains secure. It also provides with access to remove the songs you have listened to from history.