People and institutions alike are using computer for everything in their life. There are those who use them for education, entertainment, working online and even for online bank accounts. Hackers are always on the lookout to have a computer to hack and access the owner’s financial information to defraud them. Hackers do not just hack computers for the fun of it but they do it with an aim to gain something after hacking.

To prevent hackers from accessing your computer make use of good firewall which will prevent Trojan files from infecting your computer. Trojan viruses are files that come attached to other files but they are malicious in nature. It is good to also have your files backed up to an external drive other than your computer.

While online it is advisable to review browser and email setup for security reasons. Clear cookies periodically not because they pose any danger to your computer but because they track your daily activities online. Unnecessary ActiveX and JavaScript’s should be disabled because they can be the course of harmful element like viruses and spywares that will help hacker to access your computer.

When buying and downloading free programs to your computer it is advisable to do so only from trusted sites only. Avoid sending unknown files to friend and relatives because you will be putting them to hacker’s risk. Hackers send anonymous messages with attachments that contain spywares to track down your personal information like credit card numbers and passwords.

When you suspect that your computer is hacked, disconnect it from the internet connection and put it off because hackers cannot access you system when it is put off. Performing credit card transactions using a public wireless network is also very dangerous because you do not have control over the people you are sharing the network with.

When on the same internet network hackers can gain access to your computer or send viruses and spywares easily to your computer.