1.  What are Information Technologies? 

Informationtechnology covers all of the communicational devices needed for theacquisition, storage and processing of data. Information technologyis a concept used to describe all of the services that can beaccessed through computers and communicational devices. There are 4fundamental categories of IT:

  • Software

  • Equipment

  • Hardware

  • Services

Informationtechnology has caused changes that can be described as a reform.These technologies are so important that they can determine whether acountry is to be a first or third class country. Through IT,information can reach millions more people as opposed to traditionalmethods.

The path of the ITsociety will be paved and open only when content (information) andtechnology (IT) are truly synthesized. IT is based on the foundationsof computers and other communicational devices but the presence ofhumans cannot be looked past. If we picture this technology to anapple, half of which is software and the other half, hardware, we canthen picture a human as the water that allows this apple to grow.This is due to the fact that human imagination is necessary for thesetechnologies to exist. These technologies are nothing but theprojection of the human mind. Information technologies help us inevery part of our lives and save us from many grueling tasks. Theyallow us to get back to ourselves and allocating more time for ourlives. It is truly hard to know what the human mind can come up withnext. IT is relevant to all other disciplines and the result of thisis there is an unlimited capacity to which this can be used.Information technologies allow for easy access to data, which is thefundamental component in the IT community. Not only confined toaccess of data, it also allows for new data to be composed all thetime. Society is being reshaped thanks to these new technologies.Steam is the element which set off the industrial revolution and thecomputer is the element of information technology. With the higherspeeds of information transfers the science, technology andproduction environments have gained speed in development. IT is thenew driving force behind the new economic system.

Informationtechnology has brought a new regeneration to the economic foundationof the world. Firstly, it has allowed the globalization of economicactivities. Investments made in these technologies can have widescale effects. It has allowed for inner-company efficiency and for anoutward reach by these companies, allowing them to connect on abroader scale. These way internal and external processes are slowlyconverging and companies are thus able to have more flexible budgetsand enter the worldwide arena of competition. When we look at theeffects it has had in communications, information technologies andgeneral publishing we can see that all of these have been subject toconvergence. Watching TV over the Internet and the Internet serviceswithin TV sets, mobile phones and email can all be shown as examplesof this.